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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I buy a security system?

A: A security system provides not only a deterrent to crime, but also protects your family and property from actual theft, fire and can summon any emergency service.
A quality, monitored security system can keep track of who enters your property and when and can provide response to break-in and fire when you are away from home.

A business system can provide protection from internal theft as well as outside threats and fire.
A monitored security system provides peace of mind to you and your loved ones.
Furthermore, most insurance companies provide discounts on your home or business insurance if you have a monitored system.

Q: I live in a great neighbourhood. Everyone here watches out for me, why do I need a security alarm?

A: Good question.
Neighbourhood Watch programs are helpful, but have been shown to have limited effectiveness against crime.
In addition, many crimes are committed by residents of your own neighbourhood!
Police statistics show that a large number of crimes are committed by local teenagers.
You're are able to summon the police instantly, using the Distress buttons on your alarm system.

Q: We are a community of senior citizens, there are no teenagers and certainly no wild parties!

A: Senior citizens are a known target for many types of crime.
Older people are generally more trusting of people, some of whom may wish to do them harm.
Senior citizens may have more difficulty getting out of the home during a fire.
A monitored security system will immediately summon the fire or ambulance services, and special instructions can be left with the monitoring station.
In addition, a monitored system can call an ambulance at the push of a single button in the event of a medical emergency.

Q: Why can't I just go down to the local hardware store and pick up a do-it-yourself kit. That will do just as well as a fancy alarm system --all I need is a loud siren, right?

Loud noises do help, but with just an external siren, you are dependent on passers-by or neighbours to call the police for you.
Unfortunately, many people tend to just ignore the noise or don't want to get involved.
By the time someone got tired of hearing the siren go off, you could be cleaned out, or worse.

At Xtreme Security, we always on watch – if the alarm is triggered, we will contact you, even if your alarm system is turned off moments later.
We never presume it is a false alarm until you’ve told us so.

Besides just a loud siren, a good, monitored security system can phone for assistance in a medical emergency at the push of a button.
It can also phone for help in the event of a fire, whether you are at home or away.

Q: Why should I have a monitored alarm system?

A: A properly monitored security system can keep track of who comes and goes in your home (you can give different codes to different people).

The security monitoring company can track employee access, opening and closing times of your business, and can provide many other services, such as immediate summoning of fire or medical help